What is the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes?

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Many people do not know the difference between a corrugated box and a non-fluted box. Even though people use these terms interchangeably, these the two terms are very different and should not be used interchangeably. In fact, using the correct terminology would impress your engineer friends.


Corrugated is a term used mostly by engineers. Corrugated dates back 150 years ago in Europe whereas the Cardboard is thousands of years old from China from which cardboard boxes were made. Corrugated means a thicker and more durable board with two board liners and a fluting fiber centre held together with thick glue. Flutes are high-tech and they make corrugated boxes so sufficient.

Fluting is an arched paper design between the two board liners. The flutes run parallel and they make the corrugated box crush resistant and strong on both the top and side of the box. The flutes also make corrugated box tear resistant; this lowers the chance of products being exposed to outside elements. Large flutes are stronger than smaller flutes. Therefore, if you need a stronger corrugated then you need your box to be customized with larger the flutes. Larger flutes are better for stacking than regular non-fluted boxes because the flutes give them stability, cushion and reinforcement to hold weight. Smaller flutes are great for making a box more foldable or more printable. The variety in flutes helps a business owner customize the perfect box for his business.

Corrugated are great for all types of items. From small books to big mirrors and other furniture. Corrugated can hold many different items. For heavier items, a double wall or triple wall corrugated may be needed to prevent damage. Corrugated is best for shipping purposes because it is stronger and has a variety of structures. The versatility of corrugated structures makes it easier for people to ship dishwashers and ovens. When doing a cross benefit analysis the benefit of using a fluted box to ship anything outweighs the risk of using non-fluted boxes because there is a lower chance of damage when using a corrugated box.

Another great thing about these fluted boxes is that they come in a variety of sizes and colours while still being cost effective. These boxes also come in different shapes and designs. All these options make it easier for buyers to find the perfect packing for their needs. Whereas non-fluted boxes are standard with little variety for customers.

These fluted boxes have printing capabilities. These boxes are great for marketing a business and attracting attention. Also, these boxes are great for advertisement of a brand or promoting a logo, because of its printing capabilities and durability in certain weather conditions.

The most common for printing on corrugated for marketing purposes is flexography, offset lithography and digital printing. Flexography is the most popular choice with businesses because it is quick and the PMS deep colours work great on rough corrugated surfaces. Offset lithography is a process where printing is done first on a label and then transferred to the corrugated box. This system is popular for realistic photos with added exterior embellishments. Lastly is digital printing, it is cost effective and higher quality than flexography. They all print very well on a corrugated surface and the one choosing depends on the business needs in imagery.

Shipping conditions can vary from weather conditions to shipping and handling conditions. These boxes can protect shipments of products better than non-fluted boxes because these boxes are more water resistant. These boxes also have better insulation, which can help protect products from temperature changes and outside elements, unlike cardboard boxes. The condition of which a shipment must travel is unknown therefore it is always best to pay for high tech fluted boxes instead of cheaper non-fluted boxes because cardboard boxes put your product at risk.

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Corrugated boxes are recyclable and made from rapid growing trees, these trees are very easy to access, making these boxes eco-friendly. Also, these boxes are more economical and great for those who care about the environment. These boxes can be used over and over again because of their strength and durability. This is great for consumers allowing them to keep the boxes that come with purchases and use them for other things like shipping or home projects.

Many people save and store corrugated boxes because these they don’t take up much space and can be folded and stored for later use. Sellers love this lightweight capability because of lower shipping cost and easier to load and unload lowering chances of dropping products. These boxes are found anywhere in any region and are used worldwide.

There is no surprise that these boxes are the most popular and highest in demand. Corrugated boxes are more likely to keep products safe from the seller to the buyer and that makes them popular. Shipping is a difficult process. Customers receiving damaged goods are also a difficult process that results in frustrated customers and a loss of sales. This can be avoided with better quality shipping materials such as corrugated boxes.

It’s obvious why people choose corrugated boxes over cardboard boxes. People like variety, creativity and, individualism. Business owners want to stand out from all other businesses and these boxes give business owners that freedom cost effectively. A decorative corrugated box has the ability to catch the eyes of millions.


An individuals packing says a lot about the product on the inside. A low-quality box will give off the impression of a low-quality product. Americans always choose quality over quantity. Don’t lose customers over silly mistakes like damaged products. Gain customers with attractive packing and high-quality shipping. These boxes are modern and here to stay and it is a must-have for every flourishing business. These boxes can eliminate many headaches and give business owners a piece of mind every time they ship their product. Customers will be thrilled when they see your logo on your corrugated box and will brag and show it off to their friends.