What is the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes?

Fluting Businesses to the Top

Many people do not know the difference between a corrugated box and a non-fluted box. Even though people use these terms interchangeably, these the two terms are very different and should not be used interchangeably. In fact, using the correct terminology would impress your engineer friends.


Corrugated is a term used mostly by engineers. Corrugated dates back 150 years ago in Europe whereas the Cardboard is thousands of years old from China from which cardboard boxes were made. Corrugated means a thicker and more durable board with two board liners and a fluting fiber centre held together with thick glue. Flutes are high-tech and they make corrugated boxes so sufficient.

Fluting is an arched paper design between the two board liners. The flutes run parallel and they make the corrugated box crush resistant and strong on both the top and side of the box. The flutes also make corrugated box tear resistant; this lowers the chance of products being exposed to outside elements. Large flutes are stronger than smaller flutes. Therefore, if you need a stronger corrugated then you need your box to be customized with larger the flutes. Larger flutes are better for stacking than regular non-fluted boxes because the flutes give them stability, cushion and reinforcement to hold weight. Smaller flutes are great for making a box more foldable or more printable. The variety in flutes helps a business owner customize the perfect box for his business.

Corrugated are great for all types of items. From small books to big mirrors and other furniture. Corrugated can hold many different items. For heavier items, a double wall or triple wall corrugated may be needed to prevent damage. Corrugated is best for shipping purposes because it is stronger and has a variety of structures. The versatility of corrugated structures makes it easier for people to ship dishwashers and ovens. When doing a cross benefit analysis the benefit of using a fluted box to ship anything outweighs the risk of using non-fluted boxes because there is a lower chance of damage when using a corrugated box.

Another great thing about these fluted boxes is that they come in a variety of sizes and colours while still being cost effective. These boxes also come in different shapes and designs. All these options make it easier for buyers to find the perfect packing for their needs. Whereas non-fluted boxes are standard with little variety for customers.

These fluted boxes have printing capabilities. These boxes are great for marketing a business and attracting attention. Also, these boxes are great for advertisement of a brand or promoting a logo, because of its printing capabilities and durability in certain weather conditions.

The most common for printing on corrugated for marketing purposes is flexography, offset lithography and digital printing. Flexography is the most popular choice with businesses because it is quick and the PMS deep colours work great on rough corrugated surfaces. Offset lithography is a process where printing is done first on a label and then transferred to the corrugated box. This system is popular for realistic photos with added exterior embellishments. Lastly is digital printing, it is cost effective and higher quality than flexography. They all print very well on a corrugated surface and the one choosing depends on the business needs in imagery.

Shipping conditions can vary from weather conditions to shipping and handling conditions. These boxes can protect shipments of products better than non-fluted boxes because these boxes are more water resistant. These boxes also have better insulation, which can help protect products from temperature changes and outside elements, unlike cardboard boxes. The condition of which a shipment must travel is unknown therefore it is always best to pay for high tech fluted boxes instead of cheaper non-fluted boxes because cardboard boxes put your product at risk.

delivery man holding box

Corrugated boxes are recyclable and made from rapid growing trees, these trees are very easy to access, making these boxes eco-friendly. Also, these boxes are more economical and great for those who care about the environment. These boxes can be used over and over again because of their strength and durability. This is great for consumers allowing them to keep the boxes that come with purchases and use them for other things like shipping or home projects.

Many people save and store corrugated boxes because these they don’t take up much space and can be folded and stored for later use. Sellers love this lightweight capability because of lower shipping cost and easier to load and unload lowering chances of dropping products. These boxes are found anywhere in any region and are used worldwide.

There is no surprise that these boxes are the most popular and highest in demand. Corrugated boxes are more likely to keep products safe from the seller to the buyer and that makes them popular. Shipping is a difficult process. Customers receiving damaged goods are also a difficult process that results in frustrated customers and a loss of sales. This can be avoided with better quality shipping materials such as corrugated boxes.

It’s obvious why people choose corrugated boxes over cardboard boxes. People like variety, creativity and, individualism. Business owners want to stand out from all other businesses and these boxes give business owners that freedom cost effectively. A decorative corrugated box has the ability to catch the eyes of millions.


An individuals packing says a lot about the product on the inside. A low-quality box will give off the impression of a low-quality product. Americans always choose quality over quantity. Don’t lose customers over silly mistakes like damaged products. Gain customers with attractive packing and high-quality shipping. These boxes are modern and here to stay and it is a must-have for every flourishing business. These boxes can eliminate many headaches and give business owners a piece of mind every time they ship their product. Customers will be thrilled when they see your logo on your corrugated box and will brag and show it off to their friends.

Solace at Workspaces

Work can be enjoyed in a situation it is done in an expert way. The desks are the most essential things in the workplaces and homes, where one needs to take every necessary step. It is exceptionally evident that when you take a shot at the best possible workspace, you won’t be worn out even in the wake of working for quite a while.

Having an office desk is critical. In any case, it is just by securing the best of these items that you have the assurance of the advantages that it brings to the table. It can be assumed that office desks are critical in our cutting-edge life. The modest office workspace and desk have tagged along the way. Truth be told, it can’t be too some time before we get a smart desk that can work with quite a number of machines.

In the event that your office is just utilized as an office, the desk might be the fundamental component. All things considered, an expansive workspace bodes well as the point of convergence of the room carpet flood damage melbourne.

In the event that you will utilize your workspace for work, you may need to utilize a desk for a PC, phone with different gadgets. To keep any printed material flawlessly and sorted out, you could pick a workspace that suits your purpose.

Office Desks in workspaces are turning into the need of the general population. Individuals can comfort themselves with the utilization of the office workspaces.

We’ve assembled this office desk shopping manual for giving you a thought of what’s accessible also the best highlights you ought to consider.

What to Consider Before Buying an Office Desk For Your Workspace

All things considered, you ought to consider the accompanying elements while picking an office desk for your workspace before agreeing to accept anything:

  • The size – the office desk that you pick should constantly fit your accessible workspace

  • Picking a desk material -the material should be sufficiently sturdy to withstand day by day use. The workspace is your work surface, so it’s imperative that you like the material with which it’s made.

  • Cost -the better your financial plan, the more decision you will have. When you’re purchasing a desk for your workspace, you should concoct a financial plan for your new office furniture.

Our Picks

Having a top-notch workspace can build your efficiency and satisfaction generally speaking; the wrong workspace can make your workdays appear to be longer and more inauspicious.

Solace is basic when you invest hours in a solitary position. We endeavour to present to you the fair, impartial reviews that will help you pick a choice. That being said, we review the best office furniture choices and workspace/seat combos for you to consider before making a workspace that will work for you.

  • Coaster 800434 Nesting Computer Desk

In light of the fact that this wheeled desk helps in settling segment slides out for work. It effectively put away to spare space. Whenever broadened, it gives you space for a PC or tablet, notwithstanding your console. This workspace is basic and practical, with cubbies for capacity and space for your screen up top. In addition, the cappuccino complete looks incredible with any stylistic layout. This workspace is ideal for any workspace at just 30 inches wide.

  • Crown Mark Fairfax Home Office Desk/Chair Set

The desk is solid and simple to utilize, thusly, it is prescribed to the customers to purchase the item for their homes and workplaces. This specific workspace for your home or office is one of the perfect furniture which includes an extremely alluring and elegant look to the workplaces or homes and in addition to this capacity superbly with full proficiency.

The rock steady durability gives an exceptionally premium look to this entire furniture set. As it is comprised of the most noteworthy quality wood, the furniture set in the home or office is dependable for an extended stretch of the existence with no sort of lack.

The looks of the furniture tell that it is comprised of the tough wood. This furniture set is anything but difficult to collect which requires a brief timeframe. On the off chance that you arrange it, the organization will convey the desk at your home or office at their own particular assurance.

  • GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

This 3-piece office desk interfaces out to make an L-shape workspace that fits cozily in corners. The desk has an MDF top that is sufficiently roomy to oblige up to 3 personal computers and peripherals. It sits on a metal edge made of powder-covered steel impervious to rust and scratches. The legs are fitted with foot tops that let you modify the stature. The foot glasses enable the workspace to sit level on uneven floors.

  • Sauder Graham Hill Desk

The conventional look of this wooden desk additionally brings the usefulness of a composition authority with the goal that you can store all your stationery flawlessly on your desk. You can likewise serenely put your PC on this workspace.

Two drawers are incorporated for the greater part of your essential records with the lower cabinet being sufficiently huge to hold hanging letter measured paper holders, so you can utilize this desk as your very own fining bureau. The drawers haul out easily and broaden completely so you can get to the whole draw effortlessly.

Racks give all of you the storage room that you have to stand your books, organizers, and printed material or utilize them for decorations to light up the room. What’s more, there is cubbyhole stockpiling specifically over the drawers, so you can keep critical work near hand or, basically utilize it as a helpful place to store your PC or tablet PC when you are not utilizing them.

  • Z-Line Nero Desk and Bookcase

This PC desk offers you a space sparing arrangement that won’t just lessen the messiness, however, it will likewise convey an advanced touch to your office or home.

The surfaces of the workspace are produced using 8mm thick tempered security glass, so you can make sure that it will be solid. As the glass is tempered, it will likewise be scratch safe, enabling you to utilize the workspace as a composition surface without agonizing over demolishing the wrap up.

Underneath the working region is a slide out plate that is sufficiently expansive for your console and mouse. This is helpful on the grounds that it implies that you can keep the real workspace clean for when you require somewhat more space.

Something that this workspace lacks is a rack or holder for a PC base unit, which is certifiably not a major issue, yet it means that cleaning around the base unit might be somewhat dubious. In spite of this minor difficulty, this is an awesome all-inclusive desk that would suit a PC or personal computer.

  • Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

The dark coal black powder American Home Dakota Home Office Desk is a result of the Dorel Home Furnishings Company. That, in itself, makes it an exciting highlight that enables it to contend in the present market. The desk is extremely sizeable and has superb wood for its development. Furthermore, it has 2 open bookshelves. It has all the fundamental highlights that a man may require in a home office work area.

Get into the Groove this Year- Best Turntables for your Home in 2018

Vinyl Is Making a Comeback

As you browse the bookstore or electronics store, you may have noticed that records are making a comeback. Records were once thought to be a thing of the past, due to advancements in the music industry like CDs and before that, tapes (remember those things?). Just a few years ago even CDs became practically unnecessary for all but die-hard collectors and fans who appreciate the jacket art, due to the availability of streaming music from iTunes, Amazon, and other services.

But believe it or not, vinyl record players and turntables are making a comeback. That’s right: I’m talking about the type of large, circular disk that your grandparents, and possibly your parents, used to put on a turntable and groove to.

Better Quality Sound

Vinyl records produce a “warmer” sound that fills the air with a richer listening experience than your average CD. Essentially, the record is placed on a turntable or record player which spins the record, effectively dragging a needle over the grooves of the vinyl, which in turn vibrates in response to the grooves, and the amplification of those vibrations is what creates the sound of music.

Once CDs and tapes came around, record players started disappearing from homes. Within the last few decades, the only people who have continued to utilize records are DJs and hip-hop artists who can utilize the record itself to make certain noises associated with a “remix.” However, more and more people are starting to enjoy the sound of vinyl records again, right from the comfort of their home.

If you’re looking to pick out a turntable for your home, you might be a little lost regarding which one of the many brands available is the best for your needs and your budget. In the reviews below, we’ll explore some of the options you have for purchasing a turntable in 2018.

Best Value for Beginners

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is an excellent starting point for those looking to get into the vinyl game. With its multifaceted ability to accommodate a number of different record types (33 , 45, and 78 RPM), you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can play your favourite album.

It’s generally selling for around $300, so you’ll have to shell out more than you would for CD player obviously, but if you’re looking to enjoy the quality sound produced by records, the price tag is well worth it.

It comes with a built-in preamp, so you won’t have to buy that extra piece in order to connect your turntable to a set of quality speakers (the preamp is a piece that allows great quality sound to be transferred into speakers).

It also comes with a USB output that allows you to record the records you’re playing if you’d like to convert them over to a totally digital format for accessibly listening from your computer or phone when you’re not near your beloved turntable.

Best Turntable On The “Dollar Menu”

This turntable is not really an item you’ll find on the dollar menu, but it does come with a significantly lower price tag than other models out there—generally around $100.

So if you’re looking for something less expensive, and don’t mind trading in versatility for a lower price, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 may be for you. While it can’t play the 78 RPM records that the LP120 can, it’s portable, inexpensive, and automatically returns to rest when the record ends.

While the preamp on the LP60 is also built in, the quality of the sound may seem a little bit lower to those with an extremely discerning ear, but hey—that’s the tradeoff for its much lower price tag. Fortunately, the needle can be replaced, which is a great feature that can save your records from the wear and tear they might experience on other similarly priced turntables.

Best High-End Turntable

The Marantz TT-15S1 is a more serious investment than its less expensive cousins (generally retailing around $1,500 or more), but it comes with incredibly high-quality parts and a “banging” design.

In fact, the Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge (this is the part that actually interfaces with the record itself is around $1,000 by itself when purchased separately. The quality of the cartridge (also called a stylus or pickup) is directly proportional the quality of sound your turntable will produce, so you’re sure to enjoy the finer points of your favourite albums like you’ve never enjoyed them before.

Its setup requires a little bit more know-how than some of the more user-friendly turntables on our list, but if you’ve gained some experience with record players and are looking for a superb, quality, sound-producing machine, this model is for you. It does not come with a preamp, so you’ll need to buy that particular piece of equipment to facilitate the home concerts in your living room.

Another downside is that it does not play 78 RPM records, but those ones are rarer, so in all probability, you’ll have no problem enjoying your favourite albums.

Automated and Beautiful

The Denon DP-300F is quality turntable with a quality appearance as well. While the cartridge it comes with (DSN-85) is not the absolute best, it’s good enough to make your music sound extremely full and detailed.

It does not have a USB, but it does come with a preamp. However, one of its best features is its automatic queuing and stopping, which means you won’t have to worry about damage to the needle if you fall asleep to your favourite record (normally it would continue to spin and wear down the cartridge piece).

The buttons appear to be a little on the cheaper side, but the overall plastic design is functional and aesthetically pleasing. A clear, square top can fit over the entire ensemble, protecting your record and providing the equipment with a sense of definition. This functional turntable is available for around $280.


There you have it…four different turntable options for your home, based on varying factors and needs you might have when it comes to your music, such as sound, design, pricing, and features. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the amazingly rich, detailed, and warm sound that emerges from your turntable, and feel like your favourite band is playing right in the room.

World’s Best Little-known Fashion Designers

The world of fashion would have been dull without the genius works of some of the world’s best fashion designers. While there are a whole lot of world-famous fashion designers out there, there are also the lesser-known ones that you may have never heard of, yet they have done a great job at shaping the world of art, fashion and design. And just because they have not become famous does not mean that their work is not worthy to be recognized. So here’s a list of some of the worlds best little-known fashion designers.

Megan Park

Megan Park may not yet be famous all over the world, but she’s fast gaining popularity mainly because of her amazing work. You can see that each and every piece of Megan Park’s designs is painstakingly polished, whether it’s a garment or home accessory. Most of the fabric used is designed in-house, intricately embroidered and hand dyed to perfection.

Megan started her fashion design career working as a textile designer in Melbourne right after she graduated. She moved to London in 1993 where she started designing textiles for well-respected fashion houses, such as Givenchy, Kenzo and Dries van Noten. In 2004, she went back to Australia and eventually opened her first retail store in Armadale.

Noritaka Tatehana

There’s a good chance that you have already seen the work of this fashion designer, yet, you just have not recognized his name. This Japanese shoe designer has designed shoes for celebrities like Daphne Guiness and Lady Gaga. In fact, Lady Gaga is said to have owned about 14 pairs of Noritaka’s shoes!

Noritaka has always loved fashion when he was a child so he started learning how to create dresses and shoes from a very young age. What made his work to stand out is that he handcrafts each piece of footwear carefully, all throughout the entire manufacturing process. His designs are all about elevated footwear, such as wooden sandals that are elevated by flat lasers.

Isabell Yalda Hellysaz

Isabell may be new to the fashion world, but she is already gaining notoriety with her one of a kind design. This Swedish-Persian fashion designer uses global issues and futurism as her inspiration for designing garments. Her goal is to break the stereotypes in the world of fashion. Thus, instead of producing her designs in bulk, she takes time to focus on the real essence of fashion.

When creating her piece, she pays close attention to the craftsmanship, fabric, even to the smallest details. For Isabell, fashion should be all about comfort. It should be breathable, comfortable and provides mobility. But aside from aiming for quality and comfort on all her designs, she also aims to spread awareness about global issues.

Ina Koelln

Ina Koelln is a fashion designer based in Lisbon, who is known for combining sustainability and modern elements on her designs. Ina’s brand focuses on the use of natural and sustainably produced innovative materials, while also aiming to create long-lasting and beautiful pieces. These materials are a great alternative to the usual leather.

Each of Ina’s collection focuses on the use of different materials. And to maintain exclusivity, each design is limited to only 150 pieces. Among her collections is PIÑAS, which is made from genuine leather and Pinatex, an innovative material that’s mainly made out of pineapple leaf fibers. These fibers are gathered meticulously by Pinatex’ farming cooperatives based in the Philippines. The production of these products produces the new livelihood for the local farmers in the pineapple producing country.

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh is known for her avant-garde designs, which she has carefully and painstakingly handcrafted. She’s known for working privately with her clients in order to come up with bespoke pieces. Despite being new in the industry, her amazing designs have already been featured in Vogue and other leading fashion magazines. In fact, she’s already dressed up famous celebrities like Beyonce, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga.

The Irish fashion designer is known for referencing religious iconography on her ethereal work. All her designs are created in-house, including the embellishments. Some of the designs could take months to produce by hand. Despite being labour intensive, she would prefer to keep things off-season instead of compromising the aesthetic value just for the sake of being on trend.

Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh may not yet be a household name, unlike the fashion legends Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, yet, his designs are truly impressive. His work is all about volume and experimentation and his unusual designs make use of unique mediums such as synthetic hair, latex, PVC, parachute silk and electrically charged plastic materials.

Gareth is mostly known for his designs that make use of balloons in accentuating the model’s joints. His work has already appeared in Vogue and other notable fashion magazines. If you’re a fan of nonsensical designs, then you should check out Gareth’s works.

Francesco Scognamiglio

Francesco Scognamiglio is only 23 years old when he opened his first ever atelier. Since then, his career has already been on the rise. He is known for designing exclusive collections for the ideal woman, someone who he believes exudes an icon of strength. Indeed, his works are very experimental, making use of the principles of traditional design that contrasts with avant-garde inspirations.

With his impressive collections, it won’t be long before Francesco Scognamiglio will make a name in the industry. In fact, it has already gained the attention of some famous celebrities, such as Madonna, who seem to can’t get enough of his amazing designs.

Kermit Tesoro

Kermit Tesoro is a fashion designer from the Philippines who is slowly making radical changes in the world of fashion. His designs are exciting and fresh so it’s no wonder why he is fast gaining recognition in the industry. In fact, famous celebrities like Kat Von D, Jodi Marsh and Grimes, have worn his creations and credits him for his impressive work.

Some of his signature designs are skull high heels, which is definitely a fashion noteworthy. What’s great about this young designer is that he is not afraid to play with texture and unusual materials to create his designs. With his great abilities, it won’t be too long before you will start hearing his name in the world of fashion.


Benefits of Getting A Custom Made Engagement Rings

Alongside customising your engagement ring, recent times had witnessed plenty of changes in traditional attitude when only one person was wholly in charge of choosing his/her engagement ring. Modern trends include couples sharing the cost and choosing engagement rings that are distinct from the traditional options. When it comes to choice, you can be spoiled by an overwhelming range both regarding price and style. Being so, creating your very own engagement ring has its unique advantages. For a start, your Pinterest board can be a good source to explore a world of ideas.  Let us now examine some of the particular advantages associated with designing your very own engagement ring.

You put yourself in charge

When you design your very own engagement ring, you are virtually in the driver’s seat regarding diamond specification, aesthetics of design, and the price point. You have the ability to tailor every ring setting and diamond in several ways. Compared to a traditional retailer who can offer you limited options in preset designs, custom designing throws open a world of choices and the result is that you get precisely what you imagined regarding quality as well as cost.

The charm of personalising

When you are custom designing your engagement ring, you get the perfect opportunity to express the unique relationship with your fiancé. Many people tend to think that custom designing the engagement ring is time-consuming and also expensive. But, what you have probably not noticed is that many retailers offer 24×7 assistance, and some of them such as Joseph George Jewellery can also efficiently walk you through the entire process.  This way, you have the ability to work with professionals, and often, you are not obliged to buy the ring from the same retailer who is assisting you with the design.

Your fiancé can also be involved

This also brings up the romantic side of custom designing your engagement ring. Think of the time that the two of you would be spent exclusively on the task of designing the engagement ring for you. You also get the opportunity to incorporate all those lovely thoughts that she had kept hidden from the world so far, about how her engagement should be looking, what colour, metal, stone, setting and all those beautiful details. Imagine her emotions, when that all important moment finally arrives, and you slip the ring into her fingers.  Those will remain fond memories that both of you cherish, and words cannot translate them.

Important considerations

The following are among some of the important factors when you set out designing your engagement ring:-

  1.  Would you be shopping together or would you rather retain that surprise element? Deciding in advance on your level of involvement from you and your fiancé in the design and selection process can be a huge help. When you are handling everything on your own, potentially it can save you some time.
  2.  Budgeting is another important part of designing your custom engagement ring. These days many couples opt to discuss abject details of how their engagement should be what to spend, what not to spend and all that and the engagement ring is not an exception. The digital world will help you explore a world of options both regarding design and price point. At this point, here are a few tips to assist you along the way.
  • Sacrificing on the cut is not an excellent idea. Instead, you can focus on eye-clean clarity as well as colour. Diamonds with ideal or excellent proportions are expensive though they will look more brilliant and larger compared to other cuts.
  • Choosing an “under size” diamond like 0.5 carats of 1 carat can save a substantial amount of money for you and to the naked eye, it would still look like the diamond with cut-off weight. Most online retailers tend to have an extensive collection of this kind of rocks.

  1. Determine the order of importance

You can now determine the order of relevance regarding clarity, colour, cut, and carat. This will help render the process of diamond selection easier for you. Ensure that you physically inspect the diamond you are buying.  Your retailer can help you with gadgets and technology to do this.

Now for some personalised tips:-

If you are shopping together, never be afraid to discuss. The digital world offers you a wide range of resources and tools to explore together and gain confidence about getting it right. Being an informed buyer is the best way to ensure that you always stretch your dollar to the last bit.

Always remember that the engagement ring will be on the finger of your most beloved lady in life and essentially it is a prized possession that she will cherish for life.  Try as much as you can to factor in all her thoughts and aspirations when you design the custom engagement ring for her and also while shopping for that choice jewellery.

After having put in such an extensive effort in customising your engagement ring, you can also add that extra special by putting a symbol that is so special to both of you. The jewellery can be asked to develop a band with a shape on top to contain the gemstone, and a particular symbol can be engraved on the interior or exterior. Having done that, the next thing is to remember the glee on her face, when you slip the ring on her finger.

Finally, you should also expect to spend some additional dollars compared to off-the shelf designs, since the jeweller will be constructing your custom designed engagement ring from scratch. But, considering that your engagement ring will be so unique and a design that is truly your very own that cannot be seen in the hands of any other lady ever is adequate to justify the added expenditure.

Review of different speaker stands from different brands – which one should I buy?

Before you set out exploring different speaker stands, the first thing to consider is whether you would at all need a speaker stand. Perhaps you could simply park your speakers on a book case, an unused compartment in the entertainment centre and save a few dollars. But, that can potentially deprive you of the best audio experience possible.

Wall Mounted Box Speaker

A speaker stand design enhances the listening pleasure, irrespective of the application and optimizes the sound quality by lifting it off the floor and off the walls that could be distorting the sound effect. It is important however to understand the speaker stands that are just right for your needs. Jd’s Sound & Lighting has a variety of speaker stands and brackets. Let us quickly consider some of the important aspects that will influence your selection.

Tall Speaker Stand

Your specific needs, the type of DJ activity, frequency and size of your audience are also among the important considerations that will go into selecting appropriate equipment.


The size of your speaker stand should match the shape and size of your speaker itself. A size that is marginally bigger than the size of the speaker should be ideal.


Your speaker stand should be able to hold the weight of the speaker comfortably. If the stand becomes top heavy when you put on the speaker, you have greater chances of the speaker tipping over.


Choose a design that blends well with your speaker system for aesthetics as well as sound quality.


Irrespective of the size and design of the speaker stand, it is imperative that you choose a sturdy piece.

Choosing speaker stand brands

As for the brands to choose from, there are plenty, and a snapshot of some of the leading brands is given below:-

Soundstyle z2
This is considered ideal for people who are on a budget with a price tag of around $125

Atacama Moseco 6
Modestly priced, you will find this brand can make your speakers sound dynamic and weighty. They can work with a range of speakers and not just the budget variants and is classified as the best value for money stands.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stands
Designed specifically for Concept 20 speakers, this stand works exceedingly well with other speakers too.

Quadraspire QV60
The looks are somewhat different but when you examine carefully you will find that they are simply two pieces of skilfully sculpted wood with sturdy pins holding them together. You can get fast, crisp, detailed and attacking sound if you fall in love with the design.

Custom Design SQ 400
Another excellent brand that will help your kit perform on top

Apollo A1
Well-finished and decent stands, though you could get better stuff for the same money or thereabouts.

Custom Design FS104 Signature
Best value for money. Award winner in 2013 and allows the speakers to sound transparent, rhythmical and vibrant.

Soundstyle Z2
With a price tag below $100, this constitutes a brilliant upgrade for your hi-fi. You can expect dynamics, rhythm and detail from your speakers when you put them on these stands.