Benefits of Getting A Custom Made Engagement Rings

Alongside customising your engagement ring, recent times had witnessed plenty of changes in traditional attitude when only one person was wholly in charge of choosing his/her engagement ring. Modern trends include couples sharing the cost and choosing engagement rings that are distinct from the traditional options. When it comes to choice, you can be spoiled by an overwhelming range both regarding price and style. Being so, creating your very own engagement ring has its unique advantages. For a start, your Pinterest board can be a good source to explore a world of ideas.  Let us now examine some of the particular advantages associated with designing your very own engagement ring.

You put yourself in charge

When you design your very own engagement ring, you are virtually in the driver’s seat regarding diamond specification, aesthetics of design, and the price point. You have the ability to tailor every ring setting and diamond in several ways. Compared to a traditional retailer who can offer you limited options in preset designs, custom designing throws open a world of choices and the result is that you get precisely what you imagined regarding quality as well as cost.

The charm of personalising

When you are custom designing your engagement ring, you get the perfect opportunity to express the unique relationship with your fiancé. Many people tend to think that custom designing the engagement ring is time-consuming and also expensive. But, what you have probably not noticed is that many retailers offer 24×7 assistance, and some of them such as Joseph George Jewellery can also efficiently walk you through the entire process.  This way, you have the ability to work with professionals, and often, you are not obliged to buy the ring from the same retailer who is assisting you with the design.

Your fiancé can also be involved

This also brings up the romantic side of custom designing your engagement ring. Think of the time that the two of you would be spent exclusively on the task of designing the engagement ring for you. You also get the opportunity to incorporate all those lovely thoughts that she had kept hidden from the world so far, about how her engagement should be looking, what colour, metal, stone, setting and all those beautiful details. Imagine her emotions, when that all important moment finally arrives, and you slip the ring into her fingers.  Those will remain fond memories that both of you cherish, and words cannot translate them.

Important considerations

The following are among some of the important factors when you set out designing your engagement ring:-

  1.  Would you be shopping together or would you rather retain that surprise element? Deciding in advance on your level of involvement from you and your fiancé in the design and selection process can be a huge help. When you are handling everything on your own, potentially it can save you some time.
  2.  Budgeting is another important part of designing your custom engagement ring. These days many couples opt to discuss abject details of how their engagement should be what to spend, what not to spend and all that and the engagement ring is not an exception. The digital world will help you explore a world of options both regarding design and price point. At this point, here are a few tips to assist you along the way.
  • Sacrificing on the cut is not an excellent idea. Instead, you can focus on eye-clean clarity as well as colour. Diamonds with ideal or excellent proportions are expensive though they will look more brilliant and larger compared to other cuts.
  • Choosing an “under size” diamond like 0.5 carats of 1 carat can save a substantial amount of money for you and to the naked eye, it would still look like the diamond with cut-off weight. Most online retailers tend to have an extensive collection of this kind of rocks.

  1. Determine the order of importance

You can now determine the order of relevance regarding clarity, colour, cut, and carat. This will help render the process of diamond selection easier for you. Ensure that you physically inspect the diamond you are buying.  Your retailer can help you with gadgets and technology to do this.

Now for some personalised tips:-

If you are shopping together, never be afraid to discuss. The digital world offers you a wide range of resources and tools to explore together and gain confidence about getting it right. Being an informed buyer is the best way to ensure that you always stretch your dollar to the last bit.

Always remember that the engagement ring will be on the finger of your most beloved lady in life and essentially it is a prized possession that she will cherish for life.  Try as much as you can to factor in all her thoughts and aspirations when you design the custom engagement ring for her and also while shopping for that choice jewellery.

After having put in such an extensive effort in customising your engagement ring, you can also add that extra special by putting a symbol that is so special to both of you. The jewellery can be asked to develop a band with a shape on top to contain the gemstone, and a particular symbol can be engraved on the interior or exterior. Having done that, the next thing is to remember the glee on her face, when you slip the ring on her finger.

Finally, you should also expect to spend some additional dollars compared to off-the shelf designs, since the jeweller will be constructing your custom designed engagement ring from scratch. But, considering that your engagement ring will be so unique and a design that is truly your very own that cannot be seen in the hands of any other lady ever is adequate to justify the added expenditure.

Review of different speaker stands from different brands – which one should I buy?

Before you set out exploring different speaker stands, the first thing to consider is whether you would at all need a speaker stand. Perhaps you could simply park your speakers on a book case, an unused compartment in the entertainment centre and save a few dollars. But, that can potentially deprive you of the best audio experience possible.

Wall Mounted Box Speaker

A speaker stand design enhances the listening pleasure, irrespective of the application and optimizes the sound quality by lifting it off the floor and off the walls that could be distorting the sound effect. It is important however to understand the speaker stands that are just right for your needs. Jd’s Sound & Lighting has a variety of speaker stands and brackets. Let us quickly consider some of the important aspects that will influence your selection.

Tall Speaker Stand

Your specific needs, the type of DJ activity, frequency and size of your audience are also among the important considerations that will go into selecting appropriate equipment.


The size of your speaker stand should match the shape and size of your speaker itself. A size that is marginally bigger than the size of the speaker should be ideal.


Your speaker stand should be able to hold the weight of the speaker comfortably. If the stand becomes top heavy when you put on the speaker, you have greater chances of the speaker tipping over.


Choose a design that blends well with your speaker system for aesthetics as well as sound quality.


Irrespective of the size and design of the speaker stand, it is imperative that you choose a sturdy piece.

Choosing speaker stand brands

As for the brands to choose from, there are plenty, and a snapshot of some of the leading brands is given below:-

Soundstyle z2
This is considered ideal for people who are on a budget with a price tag of around $125

Atacama Moseco 6
Modestly priced, you will find this brand can make your speakers sound dynamic and weighty. They can work with a range of speakers and not just the budget variants and is classified as the best value for money stands.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stands
Designed specifically for Concept 20 speakers, this stand works exceedingly well with other speakers too.

Quadraspire QV60
The looks are somewhat different but when you examine carefully you will find that they are simply two pieces of skilfully sculpted wood with sturdy pins holding them together. You can get fast, crisp, detailed and attacking sound if you fall in love with the design.

Custom Design SQ 400
Another excellent brand that will help your kit perform on top

Apollo A1
Well-finished and decent stands, though you could get better stuff for the same money or thereabouts.

Custom Design FS104 Signature
Best value for money. Award winner in 2013 and allows the speakers to sound transparent, rhythmical and vibrant.

Soundstyle Z2
With a price tag below $100, this constitutes a brilliant upgrade for your hi-fi. You can expect dynamics, rhythm and detail from your speakers when you put them on these stands.